Our Eau de Parfums Are Here

It's launch day! 

We're so excited to introduce you to our Dyad Eau de Parfums

We launched our Modern Musks perfume oil collection two years ago and while the feedback has been positive, many of you requested perfume versions, and we heard you loud and clear! 

For these EDPs we used an organic sugarcane alcohol that is nearly scentless, so it doesn't have that intense alcohol smell that hits you in the face. We also personally find it to be a little moisturizing, which we weren't expecting! 

If you are wondering how they differ from the perfume oils, our main answer would be the concentration. The perfume oils have a higher concentration of fragrance oil, so they are more pungent. The eau de parfums have a lower concentration of fragrance oil but with the sprayer you have the ability to spray more product, and with ease. 

Hopefully the below chart is helpful for you: 

Perfume Oil  Eau de Parfum
Higher concentration of fragrance oil Lower concentration of fragrance oil
Rollerball applicator  Spray applicator
10ml fill weight 50ml fill weight
More compact (easier for travel) Larger bottle 
Lasts for up to 5 hours on the skin Lasts for up to 3 hours on the skin (longer if sprayed on clothes)


We also wanted to share more about the fragrances themselves to guide you in the right direction. I'll go in order of strongest to weakest scent throw: 

HIGHS + LOWS: We've mentioned that this is our best seller but I don't think we've ever explained why we think that is. For one, its vanilla forward (but not gourmand), and vanilla is generally a note that's well liked. However, once this dries down its incredibly musky and just smells like your skin, but better. Every time we sell this in person and someone tries it on they come back to purchase it. It's the fragrance we reach for the most and we think it's something truly special. 

DUSK + DAWN: If you are a floral lover, this one is for you. It has notes of yuzu and peony that really come through but you can definitely still smell the amber and musk in the base. It's perfect for this time of year and really light and refreshing! 

YOU + I: If you are a fan of Glossier You (as we are), you'll love You + I. We always describe it as bright and lively to folks shopping in person, because it's just a happy scent. You can definitely smell the floral top notes but it's not nearly as floral as Dusk + Dawn. 

EAST + WEST: This fragrance is definitely the most subtle of the four but we find that most people that like Dusk + Dawn, also like East + West. It's more floral than You + I, and has those nice green top notes, but you can definitely smell the cedarwood in the base. This one is incredibly well balanced and unique. No one we've talked to has ever compared this to another fragrance. 

I also wanted to touch on the secondary packaging of these perfumes. We thought about doing a standard unit carton but in all transparency SBS board has become so expensive, and we know customers end up throwing the boxes away. So we decided to package these in a reusable canvas bag. We actually use the bags when we travel with the perfumes and it really helps keep the label clean and the bottle safe. 

If you have any other questions please let us know, and thank you for all of your support on this launch! 


Britta + Carli

Dyad Eau de Parfum

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