Dyad Download 5.18.23

Hi friends, 

It's been awhile since we're done an update! We had been so busy getting our perfumes launched that everything else kind of took a backseat, but we're ready to bring you more newness. 

We are so close to approving our next candle fragrance! The vibes are very chic city living- you can see our moodboard photos here. It's fresh and almost cologne like, but way less floral than Wild + Free. We're trying to get that launched in the next couple of months! 

We've also been wanting to do a fall scent since we launched and never really prioritized it since we love our holiday candle so much. However, we ended up loving a submission from one of our fragrance houses, so we're also working getting that done by the end of the year. 

In case you missed it I also wanted to mention that we finally have an affiliate program. If you want to work with us and promote our products you can apply here

Thank you and have a great weekend! 


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