Dyad Candle

How Dyad Came to Be

Dyad Candle was created by twins Britta & Carli Garsow in 2019. Britta & Carli always dreamed of owning a business together and luxury candles seemed like the perfect fit. They've always loved scented candles and the nostalgia that comes with them. Scent is a powerful sense and can bring back memories from our past with one faint sniff.

Dyad Candle centers around balanced fragrances for everyday luxury. At Dyad, we believe that life's little luxuries don't have to cost a fortune. We want people to create memories, through fragrance, with Dyad.

Dyad Perfume Oils
The Duo Behind Dyad

Britta & Carli grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Southern California at the ripe age of 18. After fifteen exciting years, it has definitely become their home. They started their lifestyle blog, Twinspiration, back in 2013 as a way to share their favorite things. It quickly became their passion and they have since started a YouTube channel to highlight products, snacks, and shows they're currently loving. 

Britta & Carli both work in cosmetic product development so they are well versed in what it takes to create a quality product that will appeal to the masses. They truly believe everybody has a place in their home for Dyad.

The Classics Collection 

We decided to launch Dyad with our Classics Collection - a collection of four balanced fragrances that will work in every room in your house. Our goal with this collection is to create a luxury experience that you can enjoy every day. 


We spent over a year working with top perfumers to get every fragrance just right. The four aromas we launched with are all balanced, luxurious and universal. 


Our hand-made ceramic vessels are truly a work of art. The white exterior and black interior create a striking contrast that will look beautiful in any home. We wanted to create a durable vessel you could reuse and make your own long after the flame burns out. Due to the specialized nature of our vessels, no two are exactly alike! 

Wax Blend

We worked tirelessly to create a custom coconut wax blend. After testing multiple iterations, we knew instantly this blend was the one after seeing how smooth the burn was. 


A finely woven cotton wick pairs perfectly with our custom wax blend to provide you an even burn every time (just make sure you’re trimming before lighting)! See burning tips here. 

The entire collection is vegan, cruelty-free & phthalate-free. Hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA.