Join Us For Our Weekly Flash Sale

We have a lot to catch up on since our last update, so buckle up! 

In an attempt to connect with you all more we decided to do a weekly flash sale over on Instagram stories. Each week we select one item to discount and we have an in-depth chat about it. The sale happens every Friday from 1-2 pm PST- mark your calendars! 

The next update I have is regarding our FALL CANDLE! We've wanted to launch a fall candle since releasing YOU + YOURS two years ago. We had such a specific vision that we knew we needed time to make it come to life. Our perfumer has been so amazing in this process and we're in the final stages of testing. We're aiming for an October launch but make sure to follow along for updates! 

Lastly, we're working with a photographer to get our candle photos updated. Since we have one vessel we know it's visually hard to differentiate between our scents. To improve our website experience we're going to add these photos that focus more on the scent notes. We're really excited for you to see them! 

We have felt so inspired lately and really want to bring you more newness next year.

Enjoy your weekend! 



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