Become a Dyad Affiliate

After a few years in business we finally launched our affiliate program! 

We had wanted to do this from the jump but we didn't know the best way to implement it that would be simple for us and our affiliates. Enter Shopify Collabs. 

Shopify recently rolled out this feature that allows brands to track affiliate sales and generate codes and links all in one place. We are so thrilled that everything can be integrated so payments will be sent on time, and our affiliates can have a simplified dashboard with their code and unique link. 

If you want to apply to be an affiliate you can do so on our 'work with us' page. You'll be prompted to make a Shopify account using an email address, and then you'll just need to answer a few questions and link your Instagram or Tiktok. 

Once you're approved we'll generate a code for you that will save your audience 15% off their purchase, and you will make a commission as well. 

We know so many of our customers love our products and so we're happy you'll be able to share them and generate a little income in doing so. 

If you have any questions please leave them below. 

Thank you, 



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